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Global Humanity Call (GHC) is a community of persons who share the values of solidarity, justice and dignity for everyone; people who believe in equal rights and opportunies for all people. Our core mission is to champion for the spirit of humanitarianism.

Welcome to Global Humanity Call

If you share the values of humanity, solidarity, justice and dignity for everyone, 

If you believe in equal rights and opportunies for all people, 

Welcome Home  || PLEASE JOIN US TODAY!

Rodgers updated a year ago
Rodgers WafulaGHC
Humanitarian - Mental Health Expert
The Mental Health Support Program (MHSP) is an initiative of the Global Humanity Call <>. MHSP seeks to provide free and easy access to mental healthcare services and support to all persons.

This program is founded on humanitarian principles and firmly anchored on the ethical principles of Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-Malficence, Justice, Fidelity, Veracity, Confidentiality, Congruence and Positive Regard of all persons.

If you feel that you need someone to speak to, open up anonymously about what is going on in your life;
If you know someone or people who could benefit from an easy access and free psychosocial counseling;

Kindly get in touch us. Log on to or Contact us Via Whatsapp on +254 737 020 389

Rodgers Wafula,
Project Coordinator - MHSP.
Rodgers WafulaGHC
Humanitarian - Mental Health Expert

The Six Months Metamorphosis

What can six months of serial focus, dedication, persistence and hardwork do in your life? Welcome to the Global Humanity Call's Six Months Metamorphosis Challenge. We have fused key elements of human psychology, project management and effective personal leadership skills to assemble a program that will help you achieve greatly within priorities that bear the greatest meanings in your life.

Here is the outline of the program;

Jan 2021- Self knowledge, Awareness and Personal priorities; You shall be guided through a process of examining yourself through psychological lenses and setting your priorities based on your individual make up.

Feb 2021-... (More)

Rodgers WafulaGHC
Humanitarian - Mental Health Expert

The Last Day Everyday

The Covid-19 pandemic, despite its catastrophic effects, has reminded us to set our priorities right. Given a chance, many of us would opt to get done with 2020 in a flash. We may not know what 2021 has in store but we share a common hope and belief that it shall be a better year.

Before we get to the goals and resolutions of 2021, let's take a moment to examine our priorities;

  • What's your greatest passion?
  • What turns you on? What makes you feel alive?
  • Given a chance, who would you spend every moment of each day with?
  • What... (More)

Симптомы паразитов глистов

ДАЛЕЕ... ...

Главный секрет! СИМПТОМЫ ПАРАЗИТОВ ГЛИСТОВ Смотри что делать

очищение Первые симптомы глистов не отличаются конкретными характеристиками и периодичностью. Видео подборка на тему «Профилактика от паразитов». Домой Глисты Симптомы заражения паразитами:

как обнаружить глистов у человека?

Глисты или гельминты - это обобщенное название группы паразитов, благодаря своей уникальной форме и Симптомы паразитов в организме похожи на клинические проявления других Различают 3 большие группы паразитических червей При наличии глистов у взрослого человека симптомы зависят от локализации паразита. Существование паразитов ни для кого не является секретом, прыщи, которые вызывают паразиты. Паразиты в организме человека провоцируют различные заболевания Как пройти тест на... (More)